segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Oliver Goodwill - The demon with an angel face

If I could pic my murderer, it would be Oliver Goodwill. 'Cause a single look from his magic eyes would be enough to make my heart stop. Born in 25 October, 1982, in Wiltshire in UK, is a professional drummer playing since the age of 7. Studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England. Many people saw him from the first time (including me) in the Evanescence video, "Call me when you are Sober". Acting with the group lider, Amy Lee, and showing off is blue eyes. Everybody who whatched the video asked themselves: "Who is this dude?" Also known as Oli Goodwill, this guy has the power to take is acting career foward, and make the world neel at his feet. In 2003, he had the oportunity to go study out of the country for a semester. In 2004 mover to Los Angeles to continue the studies at UCLA. Plays drums in a band called Melessa Jean, acts, he is a composer and also a screenwriter, havin twelve awards in his name.
Talented? Very...

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