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Terminator Salvation Review

I know the movie was released way back in May, but I can´t help it if I only got the time to see it now.

First thing I must say, is that it ain't so good as Terminator 1 and 2, but what the hell is not that bad. Some people rated it as a "failiure", but we got to be honest, it had great points.
Two performances to notice is Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese, and Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright. Heaven men, heaven, they made the film...

Christian Bale is great as John Connor, scary sometimes, but still great. I'm not so sure about Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate, but I can live with her. And the flick between Blair Williams, player by the gorgeous Moon Bloodgood, and Marcus is just right.

I could go on and on, talking about Terminator Salvation, but I will not do it. I can just say that it is worth watching, mostly because its funny seeing Kyle asking Marcus, what is music. Trust me, Trust James Cameron, buy the DVD and whatch it.

quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

Song of The Day

Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester
Good Girls go Bad

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The Volturi

Michael Sheen drop the warewolf role as Lucian in Underworld, and is now the lead Volturi figure, Aro, a vampire that can read minds, and see all your life, by touch.

Jamie Campbell Bower appeared in Sweeney Tood alongside Johnny Depp, but in New Moon he is Caius.

We've seen Chistopher Heyerdahl in Supernatural as Alastair, but now it comes to us as Marcus.

The fragil and oddly dangerous Jane is portrayted by the talented Dakota Fanning.

Cameron Bright was a kid that turned off other mutants powers in X-Men - The Last Stand, in New Moon he will be Alec, Jane's twin.

Royalty required nice towns, I guess.

Jane brings Edward, Alice and Bella to the presence of Aro, Marcus and Caius.

Charlie Bewley makes is breaktrough in New Moon as Demetri, my personal favourite Volturi.

The official pictures of New Moon

Bella ( Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) enjoy their time together. =D

Alice (Ashley Greene) in her sofisticated clothes. And a poster of the movie with the Cullens and Jacob (Taylor Lautner.

Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) goes crazy about Bella's blood. Emmett (Kellan Lutz) and Carlisle (Peter Faccinelli) try to calm him, or at least, stop him from killing Bella.

Carlisle (Faccinelli) checks Bellas (Stewart) wounds.

The time of goodbye.

Jacob Black (Lautner) proves he is the best friend in the world, by bringing some joy to Bella dark life.

Laurent (Edi G.) is about to make Jake mad!

Not even the rain can slow down a warewolf temperture.

No Comment!

Chris Weitz gives some instructions to Kristen, Ashley and Taylor.

sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

I really don't get it!

Ok, let's get one thing straight! What the f*** is wrong with the world?
How can people admire Cristiano Ronaldo so much. I just can't take it anymore.
Sure is one hell of a player (or not so much), sure he is the best soccer player in the world (Messi should take the prize, not Cristiano), and sure he was the most expensive deal in the world of soccer. Let's get it straight...the dude is a dushbag.

Trust me, Im portuguese, and no one, except us, the portuguese see Cristiano for what he really is. Can someone explain me why is a excelent player in Manchester, and in the future in Real Madrid, but he sucks playing for Portugal?
Does anyone has an answer? I suppose not, 'cause no one can explain it.
When he dresses our shirt, he is suddendly one of the worst player in the field.
I understand that a team needs to be together, and the score doesn't depend on the best player, but thats not the problem here. Portugal has great players, some of the best of Europe, so why can Cristiano keep up to them? Aren't they good enough? Isn't Portugal something worth fighting for?
And even Paris Hilton got involved with him. He isn't cute, he's not sexy, he lookes like his body groun toomuch to the size of his head....
I only know this: one in every three people in Portugal hates Cristiano Ronaldo. He keep letting us down, and he doesn't care about us. He doesn't deserve to be one of us. He puts our name in the mudd, and goes on with is life, like if he even enjoied it.
Everybody might love him now, but every star fades, and he rised too fast, that meens that he will fall fast, and with no shine. He's doomed! Such a pratt...

Beastly - From the Book to the Movie

So, all of you who don't like Twilight series are provably wondering, what in the world, will be able to make it popularity go down. Are you tired of hearing about Twilight? Are you tired of seeing news in the magazines and in the internet about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?
Than heres you solution: Beastly, by Alex Flinn.

Beastly is about to take over the world in 2010, bringing down the all vampire franchise. And after that, girls won't even care about imortal good looking vampires, or strong and brave warewolves. Istead, what they'll be looking for will be a selfish, mad monster!
Beastly, by Alex Flinn,(Download the book here: )is another normal teenaged story set in Manhattan, the movie tells the story of a handsome rich kid with a mean streak. When he ditches a date, a curse is placed upon him, turning him into everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

In the movie, the young hunky that will play the part of Kyle (the beast), will be another British hot guy, Alex Pettyfer. (I dont get it suddendly everybody wants british dudes in their movie. Sure the accent is sexy, but even then...)
And the sweet Linda Taylor, will be played by the HSM star, Vanessa Hudgens (Dont like her a lot, but she can bring down all the noise about Twilight, I'll support her). Also the very known Mary-Kate Olsen will be part of the cast as Kendra Hilferty. After that, the cast will be counting with names like: Niel Patrick Harris and Peter Krause.

Check out the IMDB page for Beastly:


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More New Moon Photos in Vancouver, Behind the scenes.

Some pictures featuring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in the Set of New Moon. Kristen and Lautner in Vancouver, and Elizabeth Reaser ariving to the city.

terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

New Moon - First Pictures From Behin the Scenes

New Moon movie, the second movie from The Twilight Saga, has began filming in Vancouver, Canada, last month.
Here the first pictures from the scenes.