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Beastly - From the Book to the Movie

So, all of you who don't like Twilight series are provably wondering, what in the world, will be able to make it popularity go down. Are you tired of hearing about Twilight? Are you tired of seeing news in the magazines and in the internet about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?
Than heres you solution: Beastly, by Alex Flinn.

Beastly is about to take over the world in 2010, bringing down the all vampire franchise. And after that, girls won't even care about imortal good looking vampires, or strong and brave warewolves. Istead, what they'll be looking for will be a selfish, mad monster!
Beastly, by Alex Flinn,(Download the book here: http://www.pdf-search-engine.com/beastly-alex-flinn-pdf.html )is another normal teenaged story set in Manhattan, the movie tells the story of a handsome rich kid with a mean streak. When he ditches a date, a curse is placed upon him, turning him into everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

In the movie, the young hunky that will play the part of Kyle (the beast), will be another British hot guy, Alex Pettyfer. (I dont get it suddendly everybody wants british dudes in their movie. Sure the accent is sexy, but even then...)
And the sweet Linda Taylor, will be played by the HSM star, Vanessa Hudgens (Dont like her a lot, but she can bring down all the noise about Twilight, I'll support her). Also the very known Mary-Kate Olsen will be part of the cast as Kendra Hilferty. After that, the cast will be counting with names like: Niel Patrick Harris and Peter Krause.

Check out the IMDB page for Beastly: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1152398/


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