sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

I really don't get it!

Ok, let's get one thing straight! What the f*** is wrong with the world?
How can people admire Cristiano Ronaldo so much. I just can't take it anymore.
Sure is one hell of a player (or not so much), sure he is the best soccer player in the world (Messi should take the prize, not Cristiano), and sure he was the most expensive deal in the world of soccer. Let's get it straight...the dude is a dushbag.

Trust me, Im portuguese, and no one, except us, the portuguese see Cristiano for what he really is. Can someone explain me why is a excelent player in Manchester, and in the future in Real Madrid, but he sucks playing for Portugal?
Does anyone has an answer? I suppose not, 'cause no one can explain it.
When he dresses our shirt, he is suddendly one of the worst player in the field.
I understand that a team needs to be together, and the score doesn't depend on the best player, but thats not the problem here. Portugal has great players, some of the best of Europe, so why can Cristiano keep up to them? Aren't they good enough? Isn't Portugal something worth fighting for?
And even Paris Hilton got involved with him. He isn't cute, he's not sexy, he lookes like his body groun toomuch to the size of his head....
I only know this: one in every three people in Portugal hates Cristiano Ronaldo. He keep letting us down, and he doesn't care about us. He doesn't deserve to be one of us. He puts our name in the mudd, and goes on with is life, like if he even enjoied it.
Everybody might love him now, but every star fades, and he rised too fast, that meens that he will fall fast, and with no shine. He's doomed! Such a pratt...

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